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There’s a big, plush Teddy Bear in the corner of the waiting room at Zoey’s Place. The room is full of toys, books, games, and a TV, but kids of all ages seem to gravitate toward our big bear. 

A big, plush teddy bear sits on the floor at Zoey's Place

At about 4 feet tall, our bear is life-size for many kids. For others, they can squeeze, hug, or lay on it and it never tells them they can’t. Our bear is whatever the kids need it to be: friend, cushion, supporter, listener — it doesn’t judge.

Our big bear was one of the very first things donated to Zoey’s Place. It does a lot of work until us humans take over. We had no idea the bear would be so popular. Our bear reminds us of where we started, how quickly we have grown and how much more we have to accomplish. As much as that bear does for all of us, it’s donations that ensure we can do our work and keep the doors open.

Will you help us sustain our growth and accomplish our goals for the future?

Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help us sustain our growth and give us the opportunity to fund big ideas that will continue to improve our services to youth victims.

We have big dreams and ideas for 2024

There’s our upcoming Child Abuse Prevention Education iniaitive. Indiana requires all schools offer “body safety” education for K-12 and we want to provide this vital instruction. We will educate youth in our community with the only nationally-recognized child abuse prevention education program. Program materials and maintenance come at a significant cost, however. Monthly donations would help sustain our Child Abuse Prevention iniaitive. 

Then there’s our pursuit of accreditation that will put us in the rare group of nationally-recognized and accredited Child Advocacy Centers. Accreditation ensures that we are offering consistent, evidence-based services that help victims heal from the abuse they have endured.

Monthly donations would help us unlock better, consistent, and predictable cash flow, too. We’re always in awe of a hundred or even a several-thousand dollar donation and every donation is greatly appreciated. A predictable donation every month reduces time spent on funding and invests time back  to victims and their families. 

A vector drawing of a big, plush yellow teddy bear

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