About Zoey’s Place and our namesake, Zoey Wagoner

One of Indiana’s newest CACs

Zoey’s Place is one of Indiana’s newest Child Advocacy Centers (CACs). Established on paper in 2016, the Center grew out of a growing demand to improve prosecution rates among child abusers in Hancock County. 

“Child welfare cases were increasing, but our ability to gather evidence and keep up with demand was outpacing everyone’s ability,” says Katie Molinder. Molinder is the current Executive Director of Zoey’s Place but, in 2014, worked with Hancock County Prosecutor Brent Eaton as the county’s first Victim Assistance Coordinator. They began exploring the idea of a CAC and how one could work in Hancock County.

CACs have been an integral part of prosecution and child welfare in virtually every state for years. Their original intent was to help prosecutors gather a child’s account, in one place, at one time, with every stakeholder present at once.

“Things really took off with the help of Detective Bridget Foy,” says Molinder. Detective Foy facilitated meetings, fundraisers, and outreach and ultimately established a Board of Directors in 2017. In intervening months, the Hancock County Child Advocacy Center was officially established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

A red pantry and book library sits outside Zoey's Place CAC in Greenfield
A photo of Zoey Wagoner and the quote, "Any time there is a baby involved, it's just hard. This kid could have grown up to be an amazing doctor or something, and we'll just never know. She lived her entire life in just one year, and that's a tragedy.
The leading masthead in the Greenfield Daily Reporter, Tuesday, June 2, 2015 Cailtlin VanOverberghie reporting

Honoring the memory of Zoey Wagoner

A photo from the June 2, 2015 Greenfield Daily Reporter of Zoey Wagoner at a makeshift memorial in front of the child's home.
A photo from the June 2, 2015 Greenfield Daily Reporter of Zoey Wagoner at a makeshift memorial in front of the child’s home.

Among nearly 30 other Hoosier CACs and teams, many are named after child victims that have shaken their communities.

In 2018 the Hancock County Child Advocacy Center Board of Directors voted to name the center Zoey’s Place Child Advocacy Center in honor of Zoey Lee Wagoner.

With bright blue eyes and a healthy smile, Wagoner died at the hands of her mother and father at the tender age of just one year. Investigators believed her death was likely the result of repeated abuse and sexual molestation. In a report from the June 2015 Greenfield Daily Reporter:

Zoey had swelling, scrapes and bruising all over her body as well as internal injuries, court documents state. Some injuries occurred during the hours leading up to her death, and some were weeks old, medical reports showed. 

She had a broken arm that had healed over 4 to 6 weeks but was never treated, court documents said. 

After examining the medical reports, police pointed to a pattern of abuse, telling Jessica and Matthew Wagoner their daughter “had lived in hell for a year,” court documents state.

— Greenfield Daily Reporter, June 2015

Investigators worked through the weekend to gather evidence of stomping, sexual abuse, hitting, smacking, and documenting the numerous broken bones, bruises, and other signs of abuse suffered in her twelve-month life.

Continued growth helps families seeking justice and healing

Gathering stakeholders, facilities, community buy-in, and the significant funding necessary to train and staff employees at a CAC takes time.

The CAC moved into its home at 953 West North Street in Greenfield in 2019. And, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, formally opened its doors in September 2020.

Zoey’s Place is today a tangible and practical monument to Zoey’s memory, the hard work of men and women like Detective Foy. It is a standing pledge to kids and teens of our tireless dedication to their safety.

We’re on a mission

We’re on a mission to minimize trauma to child victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and neglect by providing a centralized, neutral, safe, and family-friendly center to conduct forensic interviews and advocacy. We also conduct interviews of children who have possibly witnessed a crime against others.

We envision a world that fosters healing

Zoey’s Place fosters hope and healing, reduces trauma, and nurtures children and their non-offending family members.

Meet the Zoey’s Place Staff

Katie Molinder

Katie Molinder, MPA

Executive Director

Ronda Etherington

Forensic Interviewer

Alyssa Clark

Child and Family Advocate

Meet the Zoey’s Place Board of Directors

Greg Brewer

Greg Brewer
Financial Advisor & General Principal at
Cornerstone Financial Services

Tondra Crum-Worley

Tondra Crum-Worley
Behavioral Health Clinical Manager at
Hancock Health

Rita Fish

Rita Fish
Realtor/Broker at
FC Tucker

A gray silhouette of a male figure on a white background

Kerry Grass
Pike Twp. Fire Dept. (Ret.),
Family Assistant at Erlewein Mortuary

Miles Hercamp
Dir. of Instructional Services at
Southern Hancock County Schools

Aimee Herring

Aimee Herring
Chief Deputy Prosecutor at Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office

Ariel Schoen

Ariel Schoen
Partner at
Brand and Morelock

Heather Sevier

Heather Sevier
Assistant Principal at
Cowan Elementary School

Kevin Mandrell

Kevin Mandrell
Director of Employee Benefits at
WalkerHughes Insurance

For the well-being of every child


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Greenfield, IN  46140

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