Zoey’s Place is pursuing national accreditation this year

Starting in early 2024, Zoey’s Place is pursuing accreditation by the National Children’s Alliance (NCA). This important step ensures every child and family who comes to Zoey’s Place receives consistent, evidence-based service in an environment that’s safe and designed for everyone.

A rigorous process that proves we’re putting standards into practice

There are over 700 accredited CACs across the United States and Zoey’s Place is working to join this rare group. Accreditation includes putting into practice:

  • 10 individual standards and hundreds of sub-standards and requirements
  • A rigorous review by outside professionals to ensure we’re meeting or exceeding expectations
  • And pursuing a set of three optional NCA standards that includes prevention education
Two chairs in the forensic interview room at Zoey's Place. One has a sequin pillow that says 'Hi'.

Top-quality forensic interviews

Accredited CACs show they have at least 32 hours of instruction and practice for each forensic interviewer. Accreditation also certifies that any child regardless of background, culture, or physical or mental need, has access to the same standard of service as everyone else.

Verified medical and mental health providers

In order for Zoey’s Place to become accredited, the medical and mental health partners we refer people to must meet minimum training, years of experience, and trauma-informed care metrics. This includes physicians and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs).

A safe, secure environment

Accreditation means NCA peer reviewers have visited Zoey’s Place and checked, among other things, that our facility is ADA compliant, provides age-appropriate and culturally diverse toys and books, and that everything from shelves to cleaning supplies are child-safe, sanitized, and safe.

A photo of the Zoey's Place Board

Accreditation unlocks more opportunity for local MDT members, too

Accreditation goes beyond just the staff working here at Zoey’s Place. NCA Accreditation looks at the whole multidisciplinary team (MDT).

This means ensuring local law enforcement, prosecutors, DCS caseworkers, health practitioners, and our Victim Advocacy work is coordinated, standardized, consistent, highly trained, and peer-reviewed.

Accreditation brings the opportunity to qualify for additional grants and funding county-wide in the future, too.

You can help support us before, during, and after accreditation

Accreditation is like a 100+-point inspection and ongoing quality assurance check for us, our facility, and our team members. It’s a lot of work and requires the assistance of dozens of national, state, and regional partners.

You can help support Zoey’s Place by becoming a monthly contributor. Your donations ensure we can continue to invest in the right equipment, supplies, training, and more. Standards are revised roughly every five years and frequently require more investment in time, technology, and supplies.

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